Front-end demo

nuevoCart is a digital goods shopping cart that offers,

  • Several ways to display a product and a product catalog.
  • A basket and a checkout system.
  • A customer account panel with download utility.
  • A back-office to manage products, customers, orders and more.
  • Multi-currency, multi-language, several payment gateways, discount codes, promo prices, tax management and more.
  • For a detailed list of features see here.
  • Check also the management features in the Back-office.

On the technical side,

  • Open source.
  • Designed to easily work across existing sites.
  • Minimalistic design: easily make changes to the header & footer and the css files and match it to your brand's identity.
  • Basic technical skills required. However, the more you know the more you can extend it.
  • Built for PHP, MySQL/MariaDB. Linux/Windows servers.
  • Bootstrap based. Responsive layout, works with phones & tablets.
  • Includes 2 sets of header/footer. Easy to edit, change and adapt.
  • With minimal code you can present your products as you will see in the examples below.
  • What you see in this front-end demo is exactly what you will have.

How to test this demo

  • All plugins are installed at this demo.
  • Feel free to add anything to your basket and proceed to checkout using the demo account.
  • You can place orders using your real email. Such orders are automatically deleted every hour @ 55min.
  • With Stripe and Braintree you will also find test cc numbers so you can experience the whole flow..

Displaying a single product


Include the following at the top of your page:
$dbCon=new \nuevoCart\db_class();
$newProduct = new \nuevoCart\product($dbCon);


To display a product using its ID use=>
Available options are:
"smallBox" or "fullPage" or "details"
$newProduct->displayProduct(ID, "option");


"smallBox" example:

USD 24.00 29.00


"fullPage" example:
This automatically includes the header and footer files.
To link to a product full page using the product ID:
<a href="product.php?ID">My product</a>


"details" example:
This would be more useful in case you just want to iframe the details.
To load only the product details page using the product ID:
<a href="productDetails.php?ID">My product</a>


iFrame: you may also "iframe" the productBox.php and productDetails.php
Examples (see iframe.html)
<iframe src="http://domain.tld/nuevoCart/productBox.php?1" style="border: hidden"></iframe>
<iframe src="http://domain.tld/nuevoCart/productDetails.php?3" style="border: hidden;width: 100%;height: 400px"></iframe>
Tip: iFraming the product details or the product box (or just by copying the buy button code from the back-office) are handy ways to display your product in another website.

Displaying a product catalog

You have 3 different ways to display a product catalog


Include the following at the top of your page:
$dbCon=new \nuevoCart\db_class();
$catalog = new \nuevoCart\catalog($dbCon);


Display the catalog with:
"How" options are: "tabular", "boxes", "rows"
"What" options are: "all", "featured" "hidden"


Example with:

SKU Product Price
AR1 Autoresponder software USD 99.89
CS3 Campaign software USD 23.00 34.00
WP1 Wordpress plugin USD 29.00
Newsletter software USD 89.00
Editing software USD 19.00 25.00

And another example in a single page (products.php).


Example with:
USD 24.00 29.00
USD 23.00 34.00
USD 29.00
USD 120.00
USD 89.00
USD 19.00 25.00


Example with:
The short product description here comes from the product's description meta-tag.
The small image, if there is one, also appears.

Autoresponder software
Self-hosted email autoresponder software for drip email marketing, email campaigns, email triggers. Server-based in PHP-mySQL. More...
USD 99.89 

Campaign software
nuevo Campaign Scheduler enables automatic sending of e-mail campaigns in the future, auto-responders, birthday newsletters, follow-up emails based on subscription dates. More...
USD 23.00 34.00 

Wordpress plugin
There are many ways to synchronize nuevoMailer and WordPress. Embed an opt-in form, use the plugin and set direct database connections to periodically synchronize your authors and users data. More...
USD 29.00 

Newsletter software
Server-based newsletter mailer software to design, personalize and send your newsletters. Loaded with smart features that will actively engage your newsletter subscribers. More...
USD 89.00 

Editing software
Increase your email sending speed. High volume senders should check the multi-Threaded sending add-on for nuevoMailer. More...
USD 19.00 25.00 

Displaying basket contents

Tip: add something to the basket.


Include the following at the top of your page:
$dbCon=new \nuevoCart\db_class();
$cartObj=new \nuevoCart\cart($dbCon);


Show the cart:
Options are "fullview" or "cartHeader" or "cartHeaderAlt"


Cart header examples:
Fonts are css-based, easy to change.


Full view example below.
Check also the basket page.
Your basket is empty.