This is where you manage products, customers and orders.
Demonstrates the product catalog, customer account area, checkout system and all plugins.


Version: 1.1
nuevoCart is a self-hosted shopping cart system designed for digital products, intangible goods, anything that can be downloaded or just for billing and invoicing.
It's free!


Feature highlights

Includes a front-site and a backoffice

The front-site offers several ways to display your product(s) catalog, a basket, a checkout system a customer account panel. Customers can update their profile, download invoices, download their products, pay for unpaid orders.
The backoffice is where you add and update products, configure store settings, manage orders and customers.

Works with popular payment gateways

PayPal payments standard is included in the core package.
The following gateways are available as plugins:
PayPal Smart payment buttons

Flexible checkout

You can fully configure the fields in your payment form (name, address etc) and also set which should be required to complete the order.
You can have fields for your own personal use, not visible to customers. You choose how the information is collected; e.g text, drop-downs, checkboxes etc.
States, regions, territories? Yes, you can set these as you like. By default it loads US and Canadian regions.

Multi-currency & multi-language

You set a base currency and by using the multi-currency plugin you can also define more currencies with exchange rates.
Multi-language navigational links and email texts. Texts come from a languages file. You can make changes and/or add your own language.
The language is automatically detected from the user's locale and if not available the default language is used.

Installed at your own server

This is not a service! No monthly fees to pay.
nuevoCart is self-hosted and self-managed.
You have total control of your business processes, products, customers and sales.

Order screening

For new and unverified customers you have the option to set an order as "Paid-pending approval". This is a highly efficient option to deter fraudsters and avoid making the download immediately available.
You can manually examine the order and approve it in your backoffice.
Keyword blocking
You can block orders that contain certain keywords and/or IP addresses using keyword blocking. You can add/remove keywords in the backoffice.


You can set outgoing webhooks and post customer and order data to your own endpoint upon the order-created and order-paid events. You can add your own field mapping as well as many other parameters. Integrates nicely with nuevoMailer and other applications that have an api. Included in the core package.

One-time license fee

You pay once and you have a lifetime-functional license. One license allows one installation of the software and its components. Learn more.

Secure downloads plugin

For every product you can add up tp two files that the customer can download after payment. The customer cannot see where these files are located. In addition to downloadable files you can also send serial codes in the order email.
You can use both secure downloads and serial codes for a product. Learn more

Taxes and VAT management

You can apply taxes at country or state level or both.
EU business customers can validate their VAT in real time using the VAT plugin, thus they will be not charged VAT at checkout.

Serial codes plugin

You can load product serial codes in the backoffice and attach them to the "order-paid" emails. Learn more.

Discount codes plugin

Very flexible discount codes system. Discounts by fixed price or percentage. For specific products or the whole cart using conditions. Learn more.

Easy to customize

Basic technical skills are required. The more skills you have the more exciting things you can do.
Bootstrap based layout and a custom css file to fine-tune the design as you like.
It will be easy to change some colors and match the visual to your brand identity.
Pages are built with a header-footer layout. It includes 2 sets of header/footer: 3 rows or 3 columns layout.
Using a model-view PHP approach you can show products, product catalogs and basket contents with 3 lines of code.
So depending on your technical skills (from html to PHP) you can really take this project far.


Product seo-friendly URLs, global meta tags, product-specific meta tags, custom overridable meta tags for any page.

Technical requirements

  • PHP 7.x is fine .
  • MySQL 5.2 or later. MariaDB is also fine. InnoDB support in both cases is required. Nowadays this is standard.
  • Linux or Windows servers and more. You can use nuevoCart on any web server with PHP and MySQL.
  • This includes Linux servers, any Windows with IIS or Apache and PHP,  Mac OS with Apache etc. NGINX is also fine.
  • Suitable for shared and dedicated hosting (Cloud servers, VPS etc).
  • More
It's free!