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Multi-currency and geolocation

Version: 1.1
Increase checkout conversions by accepting customers local currencies
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How multi-currency payments work?

  • First you set a base currency in your e-shop settings.
  • Display currencies: in your backoffice you can add more currencies like this. The exchange rate for the base currency should be 1. Throughout your store when prices are displayed the customer can click and open the currencies pop-up.
  • Payment currencies: you can add as many currencies as you like but you may choose not to accept payments in all of them. You can configure this in your settings file. In this the case, although the customer can see several currencies, he cannot switch to them. Example.
  • PayPal currencies: a similar provision has been taken for PayPal payments. For example, a European seller cannot accept Indian Rupees. But you may also offer another payment option (credit card from Stripe or Braintree) where Rupees are accepted.
    So you can exclude certain currencies when payment is done with PayPal. At the last step of the order process, the currency will change to the base currency and the customer is informed accordingly.
  • Updating currencies: using the service from you can have your currencies automatically updated with a cron job, or manually from your backoffice.

How geolocation works?

  • Geolocation means finding the visitor's country (and in some cases region and currency) from his IP address.
  • nuevoCart integrates with 3 different geolocation utilities/services so you can choose what's most convenient for you.
    1. MaxMind GeoIP2 Precision Services
      Quite affordable, Javascript based. Provides country, EU-member which is used to set the currency to Euros.
    2. MaxMind GeoIP2 GeoLite2 Free Downloadable Databases
      Free, you must download the GeoLite2 Free country database. Provides country, EU-member.
    3. ipstack IP to geolocation API
      You can use the free plan (non https) or the paid plan which provides: country, EU-member, currency code.
  • The visitor's country is used to pre-populate the checkout form and change currency automatically.
Discover more in the related documentation.
USD 14.00