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Serial codes plugin

Version: 1.1
Send serial / activation / product unlock / license codes or keys by email.
An ideal solution for software developers and not only.
USD 19.00 

Load serial codes for your products

In your backoffice you can load product serial codes in an easy way. See how.

Embed them in order emails

Codes are automatically embedded in the order-paid email that is sent to the customer. Example.

See how/when they were used

In your backoffice you can clearly see which code was used for which order: example
Can I only use it for serial codes?
As you can see a serial code is simply a text string. A piece of information related to a specific product.
You can use this feature to display anything else that is relevant to a product purchase.
Your products may not be software. Perhaps they are tickets, webinar seats or anything else that requires a unique code, login, pass etc.
Email text can easily be changed in your languages files.
Discover more in the related documentation.