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Stripe payments plugin

Version: 1.1
Accept Stripe payments using the Payment Intents API or hosted checkout.
USD 19.00 

Payments api

You can accept credit card payments. The credit card form loads at your website. Example.
You can choose whether you want to immediately capture the payment or authorize it and capture it later.

Stripe-hosted payment page

You can accept credit cards, debit cards, FPX and iDEAL. In this case the customer is redirected to Stripe website. Example. After paying he returns back to your website.
Similarly, you can separate authorization from capture.

Sandbox testing

nuevoCart makes it easy to fully test your Stripe integration using test API keys before going live.

3D Secure authentication

Stripe supports 3D Secure authentication.

Multi-currency processing

Yes, see here.
The exact cards and payment methods you can accept depend on the country of your Stripe account.
Stripe website.


Webhooks are used to validate the customer's payment and update the order status. You will add the following webhooks for these three events in your Stripe dashboard. Example.

Backoffice order management

In your backoffice you can check the status of a payment, capture an authorized payment, refund and cancel a payment.
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