This is where you manage products, customers and orders.
Demonstrates the product catalog, customer account area, checkout system and all plugins.

Technical info and requirements

  • Requires PHP 7.x
  • MySQL 5.2 or later. MariaDB is also fine. InnoDB support in both cases is required. Nowadays this is standard.
  • Linux or Windows servers and more. You can use nuevoCart on any web server with PHP and MySQL.
  • This includes Linux servers, any Windows with IIS or Apache and PHP,  Mac OS with Apache etc. NGINX is also fine.
  • Suitable for shared and dedicated hosting (Cloud servers, VPS etc).

  • You can define generic meta tags that apply cross-site.
  • Each product can have its own meta-tags.
  • You can still override the generic meta tags for any pages (hard-coded).
  • You can use seo-friendly URLs for your products.

    Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Bootstrap based, scales nicely with different screen sizes.
  • We use default Bootstrap files and provide an additional css file where you can override Bootstrap css if you want.

    Technical skills?
  • This website uses nuevoCart. The changes applied to the standard package are only layout-related (header/footer), in the css file and a couple of custom pages.
  • nuevoCart is open source so users can adapt it to their project requirements.
  • You don't really need technical skills for simple implementation scenarios like displaying a product catalog or a product page.
  • If you are a PHP developer then you can do customization that can go quite far.

  • You need a hosting account. You can put the files in a sub-directory under your domain. You will need an ftp account to upload the files.
  • Create also a database with a user and a password.
  • Then upload the files and follow the browser-based installation wizard.
  • You will find complete instructions inside your package. If you need any help please contact us.