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VAT plugin

Version: 1.1
Real time VAT validation for EU businesses
USD 14.00 

Value added tax

Also known as VAT, IVA, TVA, MwSt, BTW, ΦΠΑ, PDV etc

How does it work

In the checkout form the buyer is presented with the option to enter and validate his VAT number. Example
If validation succeeds the order total is updated and no VAT applies.
The VAT number is looked up in real time in the EU servers. Local national databases are also involved. If there is a network failure or the service is unavailable validation will fail and in this case you should manually make adjustments after the customer pays.
In your backoffice you also have this utility to validate the customer's VAT number.
From your backoffice settings you can hide the VAT box if you do not care to use it in the checkout process.

How / when does VAT apply?

  • When the buyer is based in European Union.
  • It is charged at the local rate that applies in the buyer's country.
  • For B2B sales when the buyer is a registered EU business no VAT applies. But you must validate the buyer's VAT number and this is exactly what this plugin does.
  • For B2B sales where both parties are from the same country VAT will always apply. nuevoCart takes care of this.
  • Non-European union sellers should also charge VAT but in reality only major international businesses do.

Not only for nuevoCart

This is a general use plugin that can be used without nuevoCart. No special coding skills needed in order to use it.
Discover more in the related documentation.